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Guide yourself through twists and turns, challenges and rewards as you seek the piano in this house!

From the dark chambers of a mysterious pyramid comes an ancient puzzle you will TREASURE for hours!

Join the Rockit Corps and help Vicky Rockit defend the earth from wave after wave of alien attack!

A scary challenge of speed and skill - designed exclusively for "Die-Hard" players....

Pair the cards until the screen is blank, lest ye have to walk the plank!

If you thought political campaigns are all about dirt and were right!

Welcome to the world's first shooting game in which "Freeze" is not an order - it's a weapon!

Silence in the baseball stadium... Thousands of eyes are focused on your pitch... and out of your hand comes flying - a hotdog?

Aaahhh, the peace and calm of the holiday season....Hot chocolate...autumn leaves...And hysterical turkeys running like mad?

Are you up for some underwater action? Then lower your periscope and load your torpedoes, because Gold Diver is a gold mine of excitement!

Looking for a good game of skill and strategy? Then take a break with ColorBreak 2 - and get ready for a mind-breaking challenge....

How many farmers does it take to control 30 wild animals? Check out FenceOut, and with no doubt you'll find out!

Is it better to be the biggest frog in a small pond – or the smallest frog in a large SWAMP? When you're done "pond"-ering, hop into this challenging puzzle!

More refreshing than bubble baths, more fun than bubble gum. This is one game you're bound to love!

Did you ever wonder what cave dwellers did when they weren't hunting and gathering? Check out this "boulder" type of card game, and you'll find out!

A relaxing pastime that will keep you challenged for hours. Card games have never been so exciting!

Light up your nights with these beautiful fireworks. Can you keep up with the challenge?

A game with balls, falls, and a truck that's really tall. Prepare your fingers for a thrilling challenge that will make you sweat more than any field sport.

Ugly mean amoebas want to eat you. Can you desert them - before becoming their dessert?

Put on your thinking cap and get your brain to work, because popping these bubbles can be a very colorful experience...

My House

myhouseWhat is My House?

Welcome to My House! The House in question is actually recording artist Charlie Crystle's house, and you are his agent, looking to find the sheet music to his song. The music is sitting on the piano, and you'll have to guide yourself through a series of twists and turns, challenges and rewards. If you make it, you will be greeted with a tune, and asked to come again.

Similar Games:

My House takes its cue from old connect-the-dots and pipe puzzle games.

How to Play:

As you start the game, you will see the layout of the house and a tile of hallway that you control. The clock will tick down, and the agent will come closer and closer to the house. Use your mouse to move and connect hallway tiles and keep the agent walking. Your goal is to get the agent to the piano. If the agent walks off a hallway or hits the edge of the house, you will lose that round.

As you go through the levels, you will find special tiles, including bonus tiles, required tiles, grandfather clocks that give you more time, and even keys for locks. You might also meet Charlie in the house, a sure way to score extra points and learn a little about your host. If you see him, tell him we said Hi!

Galactic Menace


What is Galactic Menace?

It is the year 4023, and the earth is finally at peace. This peace is preserved via the efforts of the Rockit Corps, a special task force founded to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats. But this peace is about to be challenged by an alien race - the KayDee. They have sent their fleet of shockers and droppers and only the Rockit Corps can save the day. As Vicky Rockit, an elite member of the corps, your job is to protect Earth from the KayDee. It won't be easy, but you'll have the best tools to aid you.

Similar Games:

Galactic Menace harkens back to good old fashioned space alien games like Space Invaders, Galaga and others.  Play this game and remember what it was like to be a kid in an arcade for the first time.

How to Play:

As you start the game, you will face wave after wave of enemy forces. Each wave brings with it tougher enemies that move faster, attack more, and defend better. You have to avoid their attacks by moving left and right using the arrow keys. Your ray will help you defend the earth and is applied using the Space Bar.

Every so often, special extras will fall to the ground. The extras include a Flash ray with double the power of your normal ray, and is applied with the 'F' key. There is also a Spread Ray, which clears the screen for you, and is applied with the 'S' key. Last, you can pick up an extra rocket which gives you more chances to defend the earth.

High Sea Solitaire

highseasWhat is High Seas Solitaire?

In this challenging pastime you play Magello, a master adventurer who has joined a group of pirates on a journey across the seven seas. In exchange for the free ride, you must display a skillful game of cards until the ship reaches the shore. Your goal in the game is simple: To remove the cards by grouping them in pairs of the same value, or in pairs that add up to 14.

Similar Games:

High Seas Solitaire blends the skill of Pyramid Solitaire with the simplicity of Fourteen, yet is far more challenging than any card game you'll ever "SEA"...

How to Play:

When you start a new game you will encounter a randomly-dealt selection of cards. Choose two cards with an equal value (for instance, two 6's), or two that add up to 14 (like 9 and 5). Then, use the left button of your mouse to drag one of the cards on top of the other, and they will both disappear. Continue pairing the cards until you clear the entire screen - and then dive into the next screen.

X-Mas: Santa's Rein


What is X-Mas: Santa's Rein?

X-MAS: Santa's Rein is a winter-themed shooting game that will keep you CHILLING for hours. The game takes place in Christmas Town, where Santa Claus is preparing for his biggest challenge ever: Fending off spiteful elves and ferocious penguins! Santa's helpers are trying to steal this year's stack of Christmas gifts, and you must stop the "Snowball Effect" by shooting snowballs at the rebel troops.

Similar Games:

If you think classics like Duck Hunt and Paratrooper are challenging, then wait until you try X-MAS! Ho ho ho...

How to Play:

Use you mouse to aim the Snow-Ball-Zooka at the invaders and click the left button to fire snowballs. If you manage to hit elves, snowmen or penguins, they will get covered with snow and won't be able to steal any of the gifts. However, if an invader manages to make its way to the Christmas tree and seize a gift, you can still recover the goods: simply hit the invader with a snowball before it escapes, and then shoot a second snowball at the gift. If too many invaders manage to steal gifts without being hit, you will lose the game.


RunTurkeyRunWhat is RunTurkeyRun?

Run Turkey Run™ is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you THANKFUL for hours. In the game, you play a young turkey who must avoid the hunger of slimy worms and nasty gophers. These mutant creatures are eager for a holiday feast, and are chasing YOU to satisfy their appetite!

Similar Games:

Based on all-time ZapSpot favorite Moeboid, Run Turkey Run combines the speed of Pac-Man with the thrill of Asteroids.

How to Play:

You play by using the arrow keys to move around and by eating worms that are "safe" for you to eat. The more worms you gobble down, the more you grow - and once you increase in size, you will be able to eat even more varieties of worms. However, at any given time there will always be one type of worm you cannot eat and if that's not bad enough, the yard is littered with pesky gophers who love the taste of turkey! Avoid these worms and the gophers and you'll grow up to be a big fat turkey...and a welcome addition to the dinner table!

Jewels Of Anubis

JewelsWhat is Jewels Of Anubis?

The Jewels of Anubis is a fast-paced puzzle that you will TREASURE for hours. Your goal in the game is to win Pharaoh's treasure by removing all the jewels from the screen. Your time is limited, so you had better work fast!

Similar Games:

Remember Double Trouble? Discover the ancient version of this all-time favorite set in the dark chambers of a mysterious pyramid...

How to Play:

When you start a new game, a grid of 100 Jewels will appear. Using your mouse, point to 2 identical jewels and click on the left button. Here's the "golden" rule of the game: Jewels can only be removed if they can be connected by straight lines with 2 or fewer right angles between them. In other words, if there is a path of 3 (or less) line segments between the jewels, they will disappear. However, if the jewels cannot be connected with 3 lines, they cannot be removed.

Hallow Meenies

hallowmeeniesWhat is Hallow Meenies?

Hallow Meenies is a blood-chilling challenge of speed and skill. In the game, your goal is to fight evil spirits for the control of a spooky graveyard. To do so, you must set up fences around the evil Meenies (Zombies, Ghosts, Pumpkin Heads, and Witches), so that they go to their graves forever.

Similar Games:

Hallow Meenies carries on the "spirit" of Qix and our own FenceOut, only it's faster, more challenging and extremely scary...

How to Play:

Use the Arrow keys to move around the cemetery grounds, and press the Space bar to start setting up fences. When you complete a fence, the enclosed area will become purified and change its color to green. If there are Meenies in the area you close off, they will go to their graves and will no longer be able to harm you. But beware! If one of the Meenies touches you or a fence before you complete closing off a section, you will lose a life. You also lose a life if you are touched by one of the evil red demons that run around the cemetery's borders.


mudslingerWhat is Mudslinger?

Mudslinger is an extremely politically-incorrect challenge of skill that brings the presidential election to its messiest point yet... In the game, the two presidential candidates try to lower each other's popularity by throwing mud at one another.

Similar Games:

If you like games such as Scorched Earth then you're up for some PRIMARY excitement with Mudslingers...

How to Play:

Use your mouse to aim the target at your opponent, and then press down the left button of the mouse to determine the speed and strength of your throw.

When you release the button, the mud will come flying out of your hand, and hopefully hit your opponent. Bring your candidate to a landslide victory - while burying the competition.

Hotdog Vendor

HotdogVendorWhat is Hotdog Vendor?

Hotdog Vendor is a major-league challenge of speed and coordination. In the game, you play a young and ambitious vendor whose dream has always been to rise to the top of the food chain in this competitive business. To do so, you must satisfy the demands of hungry baseball fans.

Similar Games:

Remember all-time favorite Tapper? In Hotdog Vendor you not only need larger amounts of skill and speed, but also a king-size jar of mustard!

How to Play:

Move the vendor along the isle using the UP and DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard, press the A, S and D keys to select the correct food item (hotdog, popcorn, or soda), and use the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to throw your customers their food. They, in return, will throw you money which you must catch to earn points. You won't lose a life if you don't retrieve the money, but you won't earn the points. If you're getting stressed, you can hit the SPACE BAR three times a game to start a 'wave'- which will keep your customers distracted and buy you some time. Don't forget to refill your food supply by going to the food stand at the bottom of the aisle.

You start the game with three lives, so remember - three strikes, and you're out! A large billboard indicates how many lives you have left, how many points you have, and how much food is left in your bag.

Gold Diver

GoldDiverWhat is Gold Diver?

Gold Diver is an underwater action game with one simple "golden" rule: Dive deep to rescue treasures, but beware of sharks and torpedoes!

Similar Games:

If you like getting your feet wet with arcade-style games such as Sea Quest, you'll find that Gold Diver is a gold mine of excitement - and a much "deeper" game experience...

How to Play:

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your submarine, and press the Space bar to fire torpedoes. If your torpedoes hit sharks or enemy vessels, you win points. You also win points for every treasure you collect. But beware: if you're hit by an enemy torpedo, or crash into a shark or vessel, you lose a life.

Sounds simple? Well, as it usually happens when dealing with the sea, there's a "catch." The catch in Gold Diver is that you can't stay underwater too long, because you have a limited amount of fuel on board. Therefore, you must surface to reload your fuel supply, and every time you do so, you lose points...

ColorBreak 2

ColorBreak2What is ColorBreak 2?

ColorBreak2 is an enhanced mind-twister for people that don't "break" under pressure. Your goal in the game is to clear as many screens as possible by popping bubbles.

Similar Games:

If you liked our all-time favorite ColorBreak, you are going to love the sequel, because with 50,000 new screens, you are up for a very "colorful" challenge!

How to Play:

Click on the "New Game" button and you will encounter a screen full of red, green, blue and yellow bubbles set in different patterns. Using your mouse, point to any bubble and click on the left button. If the bubble is next to other bubbles of the same color, they will all pop, and the bubbles above them will fall down into the void space that had been created. If the bubble you want to pop is not next to at least one other bubble of the same color, it cannot be popped. If you are left with bubbles that you can't pop, click on "Reset Screen" and try again.


BullyFrogWhat is BullyFrog?

From the sluggish waters of a steamy swamp comes an intense game of logic you won't want to skip. In these damp grounds lives a group of bullish frogs, who are trying to force one another into the water by jumping over each other. Your goal in the game is simple: to clear the swamp from frogs, by helping them leap over each other.

Similar Games:

If you like Checkers and Peg Solitaire, you are going to "leap" with excitement when you discover the challenge and exhilaration of BullyFrog!

How to Play:

Use your mouse to select a frog, point to an empty lily pad, and click on the left button. The frog must pass over one other frog when leaping to the pad, and once it lands, the other frog will drop into the water. Sounds easy? Well, before you feel "swamped" remember this: The frog cannot pass over empty lily pads on its way, and can only leap horizontally or vertically - but not diagonally.


Caveman Cards

CavemanCardsWhat is Caveman Cards?

Deep in the steamy tropical jungles of the Caveman Islands, lived a small group of peace-seeking Neanderthals. When most cave dwellers were busy "hunting for game," these ancient lazybones were "hunting for games"… Thanks to a group of Anthropologists, who have recently discovered ruins of this lost civilization, ZapSpot players can now enjoy the games that moved this prehistoric society from the Ice Age – to the Ace Age!

Similar Games:

If you like card games, you are going to love these "boulder" versions of Poker, Blackjack and In-Between.

How to Play:

Use your mouse to place bets, draw cards, and employ strategies - and never "cave-in" to the dealer! Caveman Cards is a collection of three card games that require skill and nerves of stone - so be prepared to rock!

When you start a new game, you have three options:

  1. You can begin with the same number of clams you had at the end of your last game,

  2. You can reset your player's profile and start a new game with 100 clams, or

  3. You can play under a different name altogether - and start with 100 clams.

For detailed game play instruction, follow the individual game links below.

Stone Poker Instructions

Stone Poker is a prehistoric version of the all-time favorite. Your goal in the game is to win clams by drawing the best possible hand of cards. You begin the game with 100 clams, so you had better play wisely

  • Choose the number of clams you want to bet with (1-5 clams) by clicking in the section marked “Me Wager,” and then click on Deal.”

  • The dealer, Gar, will now draw 5 cards from the pile and place them in front of you. If you want to hold on to some of the cards and replace others, click on the “Hold” buttons that are in front of the cards you wish to keep, and then click on “Deal.” If you want to hold on to all the cards you were given, click on all five “Hold” buttons and then click on “Deal.”

  • Gar will now draw a second – and final - series of cards.

  • If your “hand” is a winning combination, you will be awarded clams according to the scale that appears on the upper part of the screen. If the hand isn’t a winning combination, you will lose the clams you placed as your bet.

  • You can now begin a new round by clicking on one of the numbers in the section marked “Me Wager.”

Winning Hands:

The scale on the upper part of the screen indicates the number of clams you will win if you get a winning hand. Winning hands are unique combinations of cards, which relate to the numeric values of the cards, and their suit (the graphic symbol on the cards). The winning hands in Stone Poker are:

  • 4 Aces: A combination of four Aces, and any fifth card.

  • Royal Flush: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit.

  • Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit.

  • 4 of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank (or number), and any other card.

  • Full House: Three cards of the same rank (or number), plus another pair.

  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit.

  • Straight: Five consecutive cards.

  • 3 of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank (or number), and any other two cards.

  • Two Pair: Two pairs of different ranks (or numbers), and any other fifth card.

  • Jacks or Better: A pair of Jacks, or of cards of a higher rank, and any other three cards.
21 Rock Instructions

21 Rock is an exciting prehistoric prototype of Blackjack. In fact, the modern version is very similar to the ancient one, with two important differences: back then, cave dwellers played for clams instead of cash - and made sure that the dealers weren’t holding their clubs when they announced “Hit me!”

Your goal in 21 Rocks is to draw as many cards as possible without exceeding 21 points. Choose the amount of clams you want to bet with in the section marked “Me Wager” (you can bet with 1-5 clams). The Dealer, Gar, will draw two cards for you and place them, face up, in the lower half of the screen. Gar will then draw two additional cards and place them in the Dealer’s section of the screen - but only one of them will be facing up. In other words, you can see what your two cards amount to - but you don’t know what Gar is holding.

Now it’s time for some strategy. You can draw a third card by clicking on “Hit,” or hold on to what you have by clicking on “Stand.” Let’s say you have a 6 and a 10, which together total 16 points. If you draw a third card, it has to be a 5 or less - or you will lose the round (and the clams you bet with). But remember: having a hand of cards that doesn’t exceed 21 is not enough; at the end of the round, if Gar has more points than you - Gar wins the round.

Feels like you’re stuck between a ROCK and a hard place? Well, 21 Rock features two more buttons that might help you win clams, but can only be used in special cases: “Double” and “Split.”

Double: This button allows you to double your bet (and your potential gain or loss). You can only click on this button when the sum of your cards is less than 11.
Split: This button allows you to play two, or more, parallel hands of cards. When Gar draws two cards that have the same value, you can click on “Split” and literally split the pair into two hands.

To make things even more complicated, here are a few more rules you should know:

  • Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all worth 10 points.

  • An Ace is worth 1 or 11 points - depending on how you want to use it. For instance, an Ace and a 4 can be worth 5 or 15, which is determined when you click “Hit” or “Stand.”

  • There are two decks of cards in the game. After every round, the cards will be placed in a separate pile, and will be shuffled and put back into the drawing pile when the drawing pile is down to 25% of its original size. In other words, after roughly 75 cards were used, they will be put back into the drawing pile.

  • Gar will always "Stand" when holding cards that equal more than 17. This includes “Soft” hands (A “Soft” hand is a hand that is composed of an Ace and another card).

  • If you hold five cards and have still not exceeded 21 points, you win the hand!

  • You can only “Split” twice (and therefore hold only 3 sets of parallel hands).

  • If both you and Gar hold equal hands, the round is declared a “Push” and is cancelled.
Boulder Split Instructions

Boulder Split is a challenging game for players that like their card game a bit “boulder.” Your goal in Boulder Split is simple: to place a bet, and draw three cards. If the value of the third card is in between the values of the first two cards, you win clams. If it isn't, you lose clams. Simple, right?

Here’s how it works: you place a bet (between 1 and 5 clams) and draw two cards. If you want, you can raise your bet and double your chances (or risk). You must now click on ‘Deal’ and hope that the third card is worth something in between. If, for instance, the first two cards are 2 and 4, and you then draw a 3, you win the round. If it’s any other card, you lose the round – and the clams. The number of clams you win at the end of each round depends on two factors: how many clams you placed for the bet, and how close the first two cards were to each other.

A scale on the top of the screen will indicate how many clams you will win (if you win), depending on the range between the first two cards. If the two cards you draw have the same value (like 10 and 10), or are consecutive (like 9 and 10), you can draw again. If all three cards you draw have the same value, you will win 11 times the amount of clams you placed for your bet.

So, what are you still doing here? Go ahead and SPLIT!


NightSparksWhat is NightSparks?

NightSparks is a thrilling challenge to your visual memory. In the game, you are an apprentice pyrotechnician who is traveling from city to city training under a fireworks master. Your goal: To copy your mentor's series of fireworks, which gets longer and tougher by the minute…

Similar Games:

Remember all-time favorite Simon? Well, get ready for some sparks, because NightSparks will require more skill and speed than any memory game you can remember!

How to Play:

Your goal in NightSparks is to repeat a series of fireworks. Use your mouse to click on the fireworks' icons on the bottom of the screen in the order in which they were fired. If you succeed in repeating the series accurately, another firework will be added and make the series even more complicated. Your memory will be literally be put "under fire(works)" as the series gets longer and longer...

You have three attempts to repeat the series, so you had better be very focused. The number of fireworks in each series is indicated on the lower left corner of the screen. If you want to see the series again, press the 'Show me Again” button at the bottom of the screen.

So, young apprentice - grab your launch tubes and fuses, and fire away!


MoeboidWhat is Moeboid?

From the deep depths of a secret lab comes Moeboid, one of the coolest games about amoebas ever created! Your goal in Moeboid (pronounced "Mee-Boid") is to eat small amoebas and avoid big ones.

Similar Games:

If you like the speed of Pac-Man and the thrill of Asteroids, you are going to love Moeboid.

How to Play:

The motto of Moeboid is "Eat or be Eaten." In the game, you are an amoeba who is eating its way up the food chain. And how do you do that? By gobbling down every amoeba that is smaller than you - and fleeing every amoeba that is bigger…

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate and eat every amoeba that is smaller than you. But beware of the large amoebas, since you will lose a life if one of them touches you. The good news is that after you eat several small amoebas, you increase in size, and the dangerous amoebas now become your main course. The bad news is that the amoebas also get bigger and bigger, so you had better watch out!


FenceOutWhat is FenceOut?

Put on your cowboy boots and get ready for the thrills, because FenceOut is an exciting test of speed and timing. In the game, you are a farmer who must set up fences while avoiding the rage and roam of wild animals.

Similar Games:

We like to think of FenceOut like a Western-style version of Frogger, only with more excitement, more thrills, and much more animals…

How to Play:

Your goal in FenceOut is to close off sections of your farm while avoiding the wild horses pigs, cows, and goats that are running around madly. Use the arrow keys to navigate around the existing fences, and press the shift key (or the space bar) to start setting up new fences. Every new section you fence will immediately produce beautiful fluffy grass and get you closer to completing the screen. Sounds easy? Well, hold your horses, farmer, because the game is more complicated than you think…


BubbleBoundWhat is BubbleBound?

BubbleBound is an extremely fun game that is bound to make you bubble with excitement. Your goal in BubbleBound is to clear the board by lining up five or more bubbles of the same color in diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines.

Similar Games:

Like all-time favorite Double Bubble, BubbleBound combines cool graphics, neat sound effects, and a whole lot of bubble-popping!

How to Play:

Your mission in BubbleBound is simple: to clear the board of bubbles. When you start a new game, bubbles of various colors will appear around a board. Use your mouse to move the bubbles across the board and place them in straight lines (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). Once you form a line of five (or more) identical bubbles, they will clear from the board. But beware! You have a limited amount of time for each move, and if you don't act quickly, new bubbles will appear. In addition, new bubbles will appear every time you move a bubble across the board - except when the move completes a line of five or more bubbles.

Peh Pai

PehPaiWhat is Peh Pai?

From the courts of the Yuan Dynasty to the farms of Szechuan province, Master Li's Peh Pai Challenge has been a popular pastime for centuries thanks to its simplicity and elegance. The goal in the game is to clear the screen from cards by removing them in ascending or descending order.

Similar Games:

Master Li's Peh Pai Challenge requires the skill, strategy, and sophistication of popular card games like Speed, Spit, and Tri-Peaks.

How to Play:

When you start a new game, an assortment of cards will appear. Use your mouse to place the cards, in ascending or descending order, on the playing pile that is located on the bottom of the screen. To illustrate, let’s say that the card on the playing pile is a 4: if one of the cards on the screen is a 3 or a 5, you can place it on top of the 4. If none of the cards is a 3 or 5, you must draw a card from the drawing pile. If you are lucky, you will be able to remove your cards with the new card you just placed on the playing pile. If not, you must draw again, and again, and again - until you can remove your cards and advance to the next screen.

Sounds simple, right? Many have thought so before, and all have been amazed at the challenge placed before them. Remember what Master Li once told one of his disciples: "Patience, young one. Restrain your greed. The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand as in playing a poor hand well."


SortSportWhat is SortSport?

Prepare your fingers for a nerve-racking challenge, because SortSport is the ultimate test of speed and skill. The goal in the game is to sort balls into matching slots as they fall rapidly into a large truck.

Similar Games:

SortSport is like a combination of Tetris and a jigsaw puzzle, only it's much more challenging!

How to Play:

Your objective in SortSport is simple: to load a truck with various types of balls. The balls roll down a conveyor belt at a high speed, and you must sort them quickly into matching slots. Use the left and right arrow keys to sort the balls, and the space bar (or the down arrow) to drop them. As you advance to higher levels, the trucks get larger, the number of balls you need to sort gets higher, and the pace of the game gets faster. We said SortSport was simple, didn't we? Well, sort of simple…


ColorBreakWhat is ColorBreak?

ColorBreak is a mind-breaking teaser that challenges your visual imagination. Your goal is to clear all 30 screens of the game by popping the bubbles in each screen.

Similar Games:

If you like thought-provoking strategy games like Reversi and Minesweeper, take a break with ColorBreak. It will add a whole new color to your life!

How to Play:

Each one of the game’s 30 screens is composed of red, green, blue and yellow bubbles set in different patterns. Your goal is to clear the screens by popping all the bubbles. To pop a bubble, point your mouse at it and click. If the bubble is next to other bubbles of the same color, they will all disappear, and the bubbles above them will fall down into the opened space. If the bubble you want to pop is not next to at least one other bubble of the same color, it cannot be popped. There is no time limit in ColorBreak, no lives to lose, no aliens to shoot. Just you, the screen, and a whole lot of bubbles…