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YU-GI-OH Intro

Five thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt, Pharaohs played a very dangerous game. The game was known for its great power and magic. The Shadow games involved mystical monsters that roamed the earth. With these monsters Pharaohs would challenge each other to a game of life and death. Unfortunately these monsters grew out of control and threatened to destroy the entire planet. Luckily a brave Pharaoh stepped in and stopped the chaos with the help of the seven-millennium items. Now, thousands of years later the monsters have manifested themselves into Duel Monsters, a very popular card game. Yu-gi, a young boy who is obsessed with the game, receives one of the millennium items from his grandfather. Once Yu-gi solves the millennium puzzle, everything changes. The millennium puzzle infuses Yu-gi with ancient knowledge, power, and confidence. After Yu-gi defeats Seto Kaiba, a tournament champion at duel monsters, Pegasus takes interest in him. Pegasus, the creator of duel monsters, challenges Yu-gi to a duel. Unfortunately, Yu-gi loses and Pegasus takes his grandfather's soul. Now to save his grandfather, Yu-gi and his friends must enter the Duelist Kingdom and compete in Pegasus's tournament. They have to compete for star chips, and once they earn 10 star chips they can enter Pegasus's castle. The winner will get to face Pegasus in a duel.