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Jinghao: o_o
Jinghao: you suck
Jinghao: asdfasdf
Ash Williams: you bastards! Why are you torturing me like this? WHY?!
moo: Origin's down. neo probably hacked it. :)
Mr. Meaner: WTF?
Webmaster: i'm jacking off to an apple.. i also like to snort mountain dew. :-)
Sir Supreme M: f###
Sir Supreme M: hmm sensors
Sir Supreme M: yes u, u dumbbuttox
big phish:
Sir Supreme M: WHAT DID I DO NOW!!!!!?
Phish: Wtf..why am I banned now?
Silly Bob: this olace sux
Wolf: We don't get replies because most people go to the forums.
Hi: Hi Fck u :-D
Leviat: To people who have no life other than spamming this board: Get a hobby
Webmaster: this place suxs
sonofdbz: man u lot dont even reply?? u sure u even get 10000 hits a day?
sonofdbz: hey do u want to merge forums?
Webmaster: Everyone on Origin is a buttoxhole
Grand: I can solve complex things in an instant and simple stuff confuses me
Grand: I;m stupid
Silly Bob: Who the hell knows?
Wormy: wot the hell r u guys on about?

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