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Our History

This website was started and is owned by Jinghao. At the beginning, when I was a 6th grader, my friend Raging.Eternity started his own website, which triggered me to start my website. During the first few months, the website was hosted of sucky Homestead until it turned to paid service. It was good for beginners. Then, I moved to in July 2001. I put the site there for about 3 months, and then I needed way more space than 20 megs, because of the pics. During that time, bandwidth wasn't a problem, since my friends and families and I were the only visitors and we rarely visited it. Then, I tried out so many hosts until I found and a very nice webmaster that gave me hosting in June 2002. Then, on the middle of April, 2003, our host died. Now we are with yet another different host, although this isn't the best host out there, I think it was generous of the host to give us so much space. I hope this host lasts forever!