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Hyper Dimension

Hyper Dimension is a fun DBZ fighting game. This is similar to the Super Budokens but has more features/attacks. Also, this is more fun.

GrandDBZ has rated the graphics 8.0 in a 1-10 scale and 9.5 in the actual game.

Note: All moves with the prefix marked RED are Desperation Moves can only be done if your health is below 80HP (flashing red)
All the buttons are for the Super Famicom/Nintendo. The people who own a SNES and Hyper Dimension would know what the buttons

For the people who only have the comp ROM version, here's the chart:

Key Function
A Fireball
B Kick
Y Punch
X Slash
L Turbo Left
R Turbo Right

Here's a move list for all the characters:

Download Full Game