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Funny Emails

  1. From: Anonymous
    Subject: Hosting
    Message: Hello, I would like to sign up for hosting i need about unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth and i would like to have everything you can give me. by the way, can i link your media? i would also like you to host my media please

    Reply: Sorry, you may NOT have unlimited resources. And I am not going to host your media. I don't own the server! Find some other host, you selfish brat!
  2. From: Anonymous
    Subject: Other
    Message: YOUR SITE SUCKS!!! (sent 10 times to my email)

    Reply: How so?

  3. From: Anonymous
    Subject: Others
    Message: This has come to my attention, the Earth has only been
    around for about 7,000 years, not billions as you say.

    Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life?
    Here's how!  Can you believe in your heart that Jesus is God - that He
    became a man, was tempted in every way we are, yet He led a sinless life,
    to become the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice for sin.  He suffered and
    died the death that we deserve for our sin, but on the third day He rose from
    the dead - He conquered death for us - for you!!

    Perhaps you have heard these words before, but have you accepted them
    into your heart?  "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe
    in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved".
    [Romans 10.9]  Have you confessed your sin to Jesus?  Asked Him to wash
    away your sin with His blood?  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and
    Savior of of your life and been born again?  Jesus can give you a brand new
    start in life - He wants to heal you - and you can accept Him, right now -
    wherever you are...

    Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by saying this simple prayer:

    Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.  But I believe that you died upon the cross for
    me.  That you shed your precious blood for the forgiveness of my sin.
    And I believe that on the third day, you rose from the dead, and went to
    Heaven to prepare a place for me.  I accept you now as my Savior, my
    Lord, my God, my friend.  Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me
    free from my sin.  And, because you are my Savior, Jesus, "I shall not
    die, but have everlasting life".  Thank you Jesus!

    Reply: Uhh... I am not christian, and I don't intend to be. I'm a true scientific believer.

  4. More to come!