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Note: Hits doesn't matter if I like your site. For example, someone has a site that gets about 20 hits a day, he can still go in the elite section! Just as long as the layout is good, has lots of content, and follows the rules!

Types of Affiliation:
  1. Partnership:
  2. Elite:
  3. Top:
  4. Regular:



  1. First you must sign the affiliation form with your contact e-mail, website address, button URL, type of affiliation, and your unique daily hits. You also must send me an explanation of why you want to affiliate.
  2. Choose a button from the Link To Us page. It must be the same size or larger button than the one you gave me.
  3. Then when I check my e-mail, I'll look at your site, and if accepted according to the rules, I'll e-mail you saying "site accepted", else I'll also e-mail you saying "sorry site not accepted for the following reasons: blah, blah"
  4. If accepted, you must copy one of the codes in our "link to us" page (choose your button) and put it on every page (with exceptions)
  5. Then e-mail me telling me that you have done so. Then I'll put your button on my site.